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Business intelligence, a term first coined in 1958, has been evolving for almost 60 years. With recent advancements in data collection, companies are looking for new ways to gain insight into customer behavior. In this paper, we present C-Flow, a novel system that allows mall and store owners to reason about consumer foot traffic with respect to store profits. This is done with an integrated heat map and overlaid footpaths on a mall map. Through two rounds of usability studies, we also provide evidence that rendering abstract paths may be more useful than rendering raw path data.

Selected Reviews

Mohit Iyyer: My first impression of your visualization, even before I knew what it did: aesthetically, it’s very pleasing. I especially like the color scheme and fonts used in the control panel, but each component (the mall map, the heat map on the bottom, and the control panel) looks great.
Matthew Mauriello: The application is visually appealing and communicates that there is a relationship between foot traffic and profit. I am fairly certain that I could choose the best times to advertise certain products and perhaps potentially where to place them based on foot traffic – I think this speaks volume about what the final version of this team could produce.
Technical Report


Technical Report in Prof. Shneiderman's CMSC 734 Information Visualization, Fall 2013


    title={C-Flow: Visualizing Foot Traffic and Profit Data to Make Informative Decisions},
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Chao, T., Du, R., Gluck, J., Maidasani, H., Kent, W. (2013, December). C-Flow: Visualizing Foot Traffic and Profit Data to Make Informative Decisions.