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Welcome! I am a doctoral candidate at the Dept. of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, as well as a research assistant advised by Prof. Varshney at the Augmentarium, UMIACS, working on all aspects of virtual and augmented environments: spanning 3D user interfaces for social media (Social Street View), 4D video based rendering (Montage4D and Video Fields), foveated rendering (KFR), gestures (VRSurus), and visualization. Previously, I interned at Microsoft Research on Holoportation (4D reconstruction). I also worked at Makeability Lab, HCIL advised by Prof. Jon Froehlich on tangible interfaces (AtmoSPHERE), real-time OCR (HandSight), and curb ramp recognition (Tohme). I am passionate about inventing future interactive technologies with computer graphics, 3D vision, and HCI. Feel free to visit my ShaderToy page for fun demos!


I obtained M.S. in 2015. Prior to UMD, I received my B.S. degree from ACM Class, Computer Science at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). I served as the vice president of the ACM Class and a undergraduate research assistant in BCMI Lab. From Jul. 2012 to Feb. 2013, I worked as a full-time intern at Microsoft Research Asia working on 3DVAR: From 3D reconstruction To Virtual and Augmented Reality while serving as the Chief Technology Officer at the ARD Intern Community of Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research & Development Group.

Peer-Reviewed Publication

Kernel Foveated Rendering

Kernel Foveated Rendering

Xiaoxu Meng, Ruofei Du, and Amitabh Varshney

To appear in the Proceedings of the ACM on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques 2018 (PACM 2018)
To be presented on 2018 ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D 2018)

Selected Media-covered Projects

Selected Projects

Interactive Poisson Blending on GPU (ShaderToy)

Ruofei Du

Geollery: Visualizing Geo-Tagged Instagram Galleries on the Map

Shangfu Peng and Ruofei Du

AngryBirds: Deliberately Planning and Acting for Angry Birds with Refinement Methods

Ruofei Du, Zebao Gao, Zheng Xu

C-Flow: Visualizing Foot Traffic and Profit Data to Make Informative Decisions

Tiffany Chao, Ruofei Du, Jonathan Gluck, Hitesh Maidasani, Kent Wills, Ben Shneiderman

57aMP: Create physical stamps using the thermal power of touch.

Tiffany Chao, Ruofei Du, Jon Froehlich

Cubot: An In-hand or Wearable Input Device Attached onto Everyday Object

Ruofei Du, Fan Du, Jon Froehlich

57fire: Create live fire illusion in holographic display using heat

Ruofei Du, Tiffany Chao, Jon Froehlich

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Ph.D. Committee Members

  • Prof. Amitabh Varshney
  • Prof. Matthias Zwicker
  • Prof. Furong Huang

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    Previous Advisors

  • Prof. Jon E. Froehlich (HCI, and Academic Advisor)
  • Prof. Bao-Liang Lu (Neural Network, Machine Learning - SJTU BCMI Lab)
  • Dr. Zhiwei Li (Computer Vision, Segmentation, 3D Reconstruction - MSRA)
  • Dr. Rui Cai (Computer Vision, Tracking - MSRA)
  • Prof. Lei Zhang (Academic Advisor, Computer Vision - MSRA)
  • Prof. Yong Yu (Academic Advisor, Data Mining - ACM Class)

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